Online counseling session

Terms of online consultation with Mr. Khalat Bari:

💠 online meetings only via Skype with video with him It is done.

💠”online consultation” sessions are about the following:

    • Guide to start learning music
    • Level determination or sound test
    • Continue studies in the field of music
    • Expert review and opinion on performed, composed or recorded pieces
    • Children’s music

One month package of online master classes

Conditions for participating in Mr. Khalat Bari’s master classes:

💠 To participate in the masterclasses, it is first necessary to have an “online consultation” session Prepare to determine the level.

💠 If accepted, necessary arrangements will be made to start the classes.

Important points about master classes:

💠 Master classes are not for beginners.

💠 Master classes are only for piano and singing.

💠 Mr. Khalat Bari does not hold theory, solfege, harmony, etc. classes, as well as in-person classes.

💠 Before starting the class, to determine the level, the applicant needs to arrange an “online consultation” session. This counseling session is very necessary to determine the level before starting the class.

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